Shopify FAQs

1. How do I set the SwagUp Shopify App up?


New to Shopify? Check out our article here on getting started with the SwagUp app on Shopify.


You’ll need to purchase swag with SwagUp and manually sync the items using the SwagUp app if you’d like to use our products in your Shopify Store. 


If you haven’t installed our app on Shopify, check out how to install the app and sync your products here.


If you have already installed the SwagUp app on Shopify, check out how to easily sync products here.


2. What do I do if I run into issues with the Shopify integration? Do I go to Shopify or you?


You should come to SwagUp first! We can help you troubleshoot the most frequently occurring issues you may experience. Reach out to our customer care team here.


Typically, the most common issues are with synching products (troubleshooting here) and with making sure shipments aren’t stuck (troubleshooting here).


3. Does SwagUp manage my Shopify store?


SwagUp provides the products you sell, manages the fulfillment process of orders and provides the Shopify/SwagUp integration. Everything else (inventory, discount code management etc) is up to you to manage as the merchant. 


Think of your Shopify account as your “storefront” that you must manage versus an automatic e-commerce experience. 


4. How do I make sure my shipments are going out?

You’ll want to verify on Shopify that your shipments are going out. Simply go to your Shopify store and click into the orders towards the left side of the screen. From there, you’ll want to check in on the fulfillment status of any one order.


5. How are SwagUp/Shopify orders fulfilled?


SwagUp’s warehouse fulfills all orders for products that are stored in our warehouse. When a customer orders from your Shopify store, an order comes through on SwagUp’s system for our team to fulfill.


6. How am I notified if items are out of stock? Shopify doesn't show me the inventory available.


Inventory on Shopify can be found by clicking on “Products” and then “Inventory” as shown:



You’ll see how many items are in stock by looking under the “Available” column.


7. How do I issue a return?


Go into your Orders



Click into the order and click “Return Items” towards the top right of the page


Select a return reason and then “create return.” If the client can provide a copy of their own return label, you’ll select “Upload a return label” instead of “create a return label in Shopify.”




8. How do I issue a refund?


Navigate to the orders page.



Click into the order and select “Refund Items”



If you are refunding the entire item, select the quantity. If you are issuing a custom or partial refund, you’ll utilize the “manual” field to specify the amount. Finally, you’ll enter a refund reason.



9. How do I initiate an exchange?


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that does not allow for even exchanges. You will need to follow the instructions for the recipient to return the original item for a refund and then the client will need to place a new order.


10. How do taxes work?


Keep in mind that taxes are the responsibility of you as the Shopify merchant, not SwagUp. Get started with Shopify’s tax guidance here.


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