How to Ship Swag to Collected Contacts from a Redeem Page


When recipients fill out your redeem page, the information collected is retained on your SwagUp dashboard under “Contacts” in the “Shipments” tab. 


As your recipients start filling out the redeem page, they’ll be added to “Contacts” under specific groups. The Contact Group name will match the name of your Redeem Page. It’ll look something like this:


To set up shipments to multiple individuals, click the group associated with your redeem page. Then select the checkbox next to “Actions.”



Next, you’ll send swag using the link shown


Next, you’ll need to designate the items you’d like to send

Now you just need to review your shipments and you’re all set!


For more information on grouping contacts, click here.


Have questions? Reach out to our customer care team here.




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