How to Disable a Redeem Page


Have you run out of inventory or has your deadline for recipients passed? Disabling a redeem page is simple as all you need to do is switch it to “inactive” mode.


*Please note that redeem pages are unable to be deleted at this time.


Inactive vs Active Published


  • Inactive: Anyone with the link can view the page, but information cannot be submitted. Attempts to view the redeem page the unique URL will instead display an “under construction” page. 


  • Active:This means that the redeem page is publicly available on the internet and can be shared as a link to the desired recipients.


  • Redeem pages can be toggled between inactive and active states.


How to set a redeem page to “inactive” mode

1. Start in your SwagUp Dashboard


2. Click on the "Redeem" tab



3. On the redeem page card, click "View Details"




4. Select the “Share” Link




5. Use the toggle to mark as inactive and click "Save." 



Leaving this redeem page in “inactive” prevents recipients from filling it out.


Have questions? Reach out to our customer care team here.



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