SwagUp x Commsor


Looking to send swag to your community through Commsor? No problem! Commsor and SwagUp have partnered to simplify sending swag on the Commsor platform.


Getting started


Before you can start sending swag, you’ll need to link your SwagUp account to Commsor’s platform. You will also need to have inventory with SwagUp so that you can pick what you’d like to send to your recipients.

Once you have an account and inventory with SwagUp, you can install the SwagUp app on Commsor by selecting the Swag tab located on your left sidebar. From there, you’ll select “Connect my SwagUp account,” and then enter your SwagUp login credentials.


Once your SwagUp account is connected, you will return to a Shipments table where you can create your first order! 

How to send swag


Now that you have connected SwagUp to your Commsor account, you can send your first shipment!


In the shipment’s table, you’ll begin by selecting “Create Order.” Now you’ll select the recipient(s) who will be receiving the swag (you can search for members in the search bar or use specific filters to identify a group of community members).  


SwagUp also allows you to select specific shipping dates as you begin selecting items from your inventory. 


Once you've selected the date and items you'd like to send, select Next and begin customizing the email that will be sent to your recipients


You'll also want to customize the landing page by providing an email address (for contact purposes if the member needs to reach out to you) and a logo. 


After you've customized your email and landing page, you can review your order. If everything looks accurate, select “Place Order.”


Monitoring your swag shipments


Once you’ve placed your order, an email will be sent to your recipients so that they can confirm their physical addresses and sizes (if you’re sending apparel). 


As your recipients confirm their information, you will get an email notification prompting you to go to Commsor’s platform to review and authorize the shipment.



After you review the order (at this stage, you will be able to view more accurate shipping costs and shipping dates) and everything looks correct, select “Confirm and Ship.”

Now that everything is set up, you will be able to monitor all active and future orders directly in Commsor.




Have questions? Reach out to our customer care team here!



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