Introduction to the Products Tab


SwagUp is pleased to announce that a new feature has been added to your Dashboard: the Products tab!



The Products tab allows you to have access to all of your previously worked on products in one place. Think of this tab as your company’s catalog or archive of products that have been designed in the past.


You can filter by packs and bulk items to see what’s been ordered or considered in the past.



Sort your individual products by category or status to hone in on the swag you want to see


You can add items you’ve already designed to an order by clicking “+” and then “Create Order”:



Once you've selected an item and created your order, they will be added to your cart and you can determine whether you’d like to ship swag directly to your recipients or store them for future use.



Do you want to convert previously ordered items into a pack? Simply select the items you want (don’t forget your packaging) and click “Build Pack



Do you want to adjust an item or create something entirely new? Click “Design Products” to be taken to our catalog where you can design a pack or individual item.



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Have questions? Contact our customer care team here!





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