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Interested in testing out new SwagUp Beta features? Join our Beta Pilot Community!


What is the SwagUp Beta Pilots Community?

Great ideas can come from anywhere. This is one of SwagUp's core values, and the feedback we've received from customers like you has been integral to our customer-centric approach to frictionless swag.  Want to help us shape the future of kickass swag? Join our SwagUp Beta Pilots Community.

The SwagUp Beta Pilots Community is a special place that brings together our incredible community of amazing, talented, and driven professionals. Confirmed Beta Pilots have the opportunity to see and test our newest features, in beta, and provide feedback that will help us prep them for launch to our entire SwagUp community. The best part? You can choose which programs are most interesting to you and your team. In addition to providing feedback through a dedicated support channel, your voice will directly influence which features we prioritize on our roadmap.

And of course, the icing on top: rewards! From free swag to tasty treats, your contributions will earn you points you can cash in to level up your SwagUp experience. If you love swag, dig cool rewards, want to use your voice, and are interested in becoming a SwagUp expert through hands-on discovery, join us!

Tl;dr A community program for those who love SWAG as much as we do. Become a voice for innovation and help us take this swag revolution #tothemoon! 

How It Works:

  • You choose what conversations you want to be part of (testing new features, improving existing ones, general feedback)
  • Free to join, leave at any time
  • Once accepted, you will be given a dedicated point of contact for the program (think of them like your faithful co-pilot and navigator 🧑🏻‍🚀 🌌 ) 

Beta Pilot Benefits:

  • Get to beta features before anyone else (and get rewarded for it)
  • Share your voice directly with the SwagUp research, product, and development team
  • Influence and preview SwagUp's future functionality, including dashboard upgrades, integration releases, loyalty programs, and more!
  • (Coming Soon!) Earn even more exclusive rewards, including free exclusive Beta Pilot swag, gift cards, and account credits

OK, but what does involvement actually look like?

Only join beta tests you care about. You'll get notified when spots are open for a beta test, and from there you can opt-in at will. After you've had a chance to explore the beta, we'll either send you a survey or ask about your experience over a short call (the choice is yours!) Every step of the way, you'll have a dedicated member of the research team to assist if needed. That's it!

I’m interested! How do I join?

If you're ready to join other top teams from companies shipping swag all over the world, you can apply here:

Join the SwagUp Beta Pilots Program


For more information, reach out to experiences@swagup.com


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