Can I send you my swag to include in packs?

SwagUp has changed the swag game, and we're psyched that you'd like to pair new swag that you create with us, with swag that you have on hand (we call that pre-existing swag a 3rd party item). We make it simple to include 3rd party items in your new swag packs! Here's how:



Here's a snapshot of what the process looks like:


Ready to get started? Here's what you need to know to know:

1. What product information do I need to provide up front?

First, be sure that you’ve discussed your swag plans with your SwagUp representative. They’ll be the best resource for confirming what we accept, what we can’t, and can provide important forms that you’ll need to complete!

We’ll need the following info in order to get started:

  • Product name (ie. shirt, hat )
  • Image of product
  • Quantity of product
  • Product dimensions (n/a for apparel)
  • Size breakdown (for apparel)
  • Contact information

Please note: If you make ANY changes after you've already filled out the form, you must notify SwagUp so that you can fill out another form.

2. I only want to ship 3rd party items and don't want to buy new swag. Can you accommodate this request?

While we're happy to accept 3rd party items to be included in a current SwagUp project (i.e., items intended as components of a swag pack), we do not store and distribute inventory like a traditional fulfillment center. We'd be happy to recommend one, if that's the solution that fits your needs best!

3. Can I ship my 3rd party items to you before we finalize the other swag in our order?

Sorry, no! Please do not send any items to SwagUp until you've received a link to our tracking form and your unique item codes. Both of these pieces of information are generated post-sale, and without them, we cannot match 3rd party swag with our SwagUp customers, merchandise that we cannot reconcile will be disposed of or donated.

4. I have a lot of pre-built swag and want the majority of my swag items to be 3rd party. Can we still work with you?

SwagUp isn't a distribution and fulfillment center, so while we'd love to work together, we encourage you to discuss your swag plans with your SwagUp representative. As a general rule, our 3rd party acceptance guidelines are intended as a courtesy, to enable customers to include a special item or two in their swag pack/project. Requests to fulfill an order consisting mostly of 3rd party items are considered on a case-by-case basis, and terms and fees apply in approved instances.


5. How long after paying the invoice do I have to send in my 3rd party swag?

We ask that all 3rd party items be sent within 30 days after paying your invoice. This keeps your order on track and prevents delays.

6. I'd like to send houseplants to my overseas employees, is this something you offer?

Perishables (food and plants) can not be shipped internationally or stored for any length of time
Due to international restrictions, perishables cannot ship internationally. There are a variety of reasons for this which you can read about here.

Long story short: plants die and food expires

7. I want to ship items directly to SwagUp from an international manufacturer; is that possible?

We do not accept 3rd party items shipped to us internationally. If you would like to ship items from an international location, you (as the client) must first receive them and pay the corresponding import fees. SwagUp will not be responsible for any items shipped to us from international locations.

8. I want to ship expensive items. Do you offer shipment insurance?

SwagUp does not offer shipment insurance, and cannot be held liable for items lost or damaged in transit to our warehouse or to your recipients.

9. I want to include gift cards/redeemable codes/gift certificates in my pack. Can I send those in?

Unfortunately, no. We do not accept physical or digital gift cards, codes to be redeemed, or similar items/tokens that can be exchanged for goods/services.

10. I have some really cool, personalized items/handwritten or personalized notes that I’d like to send in. Can I?

Unfortunately, no. While we LOVE custom swag, hyper-personalization of packs, like unique names on items, multiple apparel sizes within a box, or handwritten and uniquely-addressed inserts, is not possible.

11. What happens if something gets lost or damaged?

SwagUp is only liable for 3rd Party Items once they cross our warehouse threshold. We require all shipments of 3rd party items to require proof of delivery or a signature to prove that the shipment arrived. 


If everything arrives as expected, our Quality Assurance team will approve everything. If it arrives short, damaged or incorrect then we won't approve it and you will need to work with your vendor to get the correct items re-shipped. SwagUp is not responsible for any delays that result.

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