Sync SwagUp Inventory to Shopify

How to Sync your Dashboard Inventory to Shopify

Once you’re set up on the SwagUp dashboard, we can now install the SwagUp app on your Shopify Store account.


Follow the steps below for sync products. For further assistance send a ticket to our customer care team here.


Step 1: Click install the SwagUp app 


Step 2: Once the app is installed, you will be prompted to Login, as if you were logging into the dashboard. 


Note: When logging in, be sure to use your SwagUp Dashboard login 


Step 3: When you hit sign in, another pop up will appear, ensure you allow access so Shopify & SwagUp app can connect. 


Step 4: Once you login and allow access , your dashboard inventory will appear. This is where we will begin to add your products & inventory into Shopify. 


Step 5: Once you locate the product, click “sync product” 


Step 6: After clicking “Sync Product” it will take you through a series of steps: on this screen you will be able to make any changes to the product that will reflect in Shopify only. Ensure there's a name, description & picture for each item we add and click next. 


Step 7: After clicking next, enter the proper pricing for the item you are adding to your shop: please note: the price shown auto populates, be sure to update it to the pricing necessary. You can adjust the markup by adjusting the percent. 0% would be your cost


Click next: 


Step 8: On this screen you will just click finish. 


Note: if you are syncing this item to an existing product already created in your store you must check off the product before selecting “finish” 


Repeat steps 1-8 to complete the rest of your products. 


Once you’ve synced your products, you can see what was added by clicking “products” on the left hand side. 


Please note: if you forgot a step while syncing your product you can also make any additional changes here, simply by clicking on the specified product. 


Syncing Products to Existing Shop Items

If you already have a shop set up or items created in a shop but want to sync to salesforce you can do this the same way as synching new products: 


Step 1: Click sync product for the item you want to sync. 

Step 2: Be sure to make any product name changes, description & pricing adjustments as necessary click next: 


Step 3: On this final screen, before hitting “finish” you want to ensure you select the product in Shopify you want to sync it too. 




Step 4: After making this selection: click finish: 


Streamlining Shopify Orders Through Salesforce: 

Once you have added and verified all your products are included in your store. You want to ensure that all future orders will go directly to Salesforce so the warehouse can fulfill them. 


Step 1: Click settings 

Click Checkout: 


Step 2: Scroll down to ordering processing.

Click to ensure “automatically fulfill the order's line items” is checked. 

Step 3: Click Save


Step 4: Your store is now synchronized with salesforce. 



Issue: “I synched a product but accidentally deleted it , when I try to resync the product doesn’t appear” 


Solution: You need to go into products & create a product through shopify. Once this product is created manually through shopify repeat steps “Synching Products to Existing Shop Items” and your item will reappear. 


Issue: Product Visibility 


Solution: Products→ All Products→ Product Availability → Manage→ check online store→ Done


Issue: “I have no inventory but want to continue selling the product regardless of stock levels” 


Solution: You need to edit the product to “continue selling” 


Products→ All Products→ Select Product → Variants → Edit → Inventory → Continue Selling→ Save


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