Mission Log 12.7.21


What is it?

This update will make all quotes and invoices visible on your dashboard on swagup.com! Even if you placed an order directly with our sales team, your order will now appear in your dashboard.



This update will make it easier to reference previous orders made directly with our sales team. Previously, unless products were ordered on the dashboard, they did not appear on the dashboard. This update increases SwagUp's transparency and allows you to service your own prior orders.


What to know:

  • All quotes and invoices from 2020 and 2021 are included. If you can't find your quote or invoice, be sure to check the date. 

  • Cancelled orders will not be included with this update.

  • In cases where a pack contains multiple apparel items with different size configurations, sizes will not be visible



Find all orders under the "Orders" tab of your dashboard:




This historical order sync will begin on 12.7.21 with the data migration taking place over the course of the next 2 weeks. Please allow this time for the information to reflect correctly.


Questions? Contact our customer experience team using our help desk form here!






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