Adding the "Send Swag" button to your SalesForce Contact


Before you can start sending swag, you'll have to do a bit of set up and add the "Send Swag" button to your contacts so that it looks like this:



Step one: Navigate to the gear icon and click "Setup"



Step two: Navigate to the "Object Manager" tab



Step three: Use the search bar to find "contacts" and click on it in the results



Step four: Click on the “Page Layouts” section. From the Page Layouts, click on “Contact Layout” (or any other relevant layouts for your Salesforce Org)



Step five: Highlight "Mobile & Lightning Actions"



Step six: Find the "send swag" button and drag it to the “Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions” section. Add it wherever in the list is most relevant to your org.




Step seven: Click "Save"



🚀From here, you should be all set! 🚀


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