Sending Swag on the Salesforce App


In this article, you'll learn how to send swag to individual recipients from a Salesforce contacts. Prior to being able to do this, you'll need to add the "send swag" button to the contact page. Please see the article "Adding the 'Send Swag' button to your SalesForce Contact" for more information.


Step one: Click "Send Swag" on the contact page for the recipient you would like to send swag to.



Step two: the following window will open and you can use the search bar or scroll to select your desired swag



Step three: Click the green "+" sign to select your swag. It will turn into a blue check mark once it has been successfully selected.



Step four: Once you are ready, click "verify shipping information."



Step five: Verify the recipient's information and make any necessary edits. Select your preferred shipping method and assign desired quantities of the correct size. When you are ready, select "Send Swag."



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