Can I use Swag Packs for products on Shopify?

SwagUp Help Desk Article for Shopify clients on how to use swag packs for Shopify stores. Swag Packs need to be a SKU for store use.

SwagUp App offers packs and individual bulk items. You can use Swag Packs on our Shopify store by creating a pack on our form. When you begin building products on SwagUp Dashboard, you will see options to create a pack, order in bulk, or select from our preset options.


Looking to set up Shopify + SwagUp and new to both?

  1. Set-up your SwagUp account at

  2. Once logged into your SwagUp Account create products inside account

  3. SwagUp Design team will work with you on finalizing designs

  4. Once swag is paid for & produced you will be able to add products to your

  5. Shopify account.

  6. Go to your Shopify Account and find SwagUp App inside the App Store

  7. Log into your SwagUp Account

  8. Sync Your SwagUp Products and adjust pricing as needed

  9. SwagUp takes care of producing, warehousing, and distributing swag items.


For more questions on how to get started, you can email


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