What is a Redeem Page?

Redeem Pages are customized landing pages where visitors can fill out their information (e.g. address, shirt size) and receive their swag.

SwagUp Redeem Pages are landing pages that include a form for recipients to fill out size and shipping information.


Most commonly, these redeem pages are used once inventory is available to ship, and thus automate and simplify the swag distribution process.


When integrated with Zapier, entries from your redeem page are automatically synced with the SwagUp dashboard so that shipments are created in real-time and can be tracked from your Shipments tab.



Example SwagUp redeem page


Redeem pages are useful when:

  • You don't have addresses for everyone getting swag on hand

  • You want a simple and convenient way to collect the needed information quickly

  • You want a clean and professional user experience appropriate for your company brand, but you don't want to set up something as fully fledged as a swag shop

  • You want the ability to add specific validation to secure the redeem page

  • You are organizing an event or preparing swag where the exact number of people getting swag is not known ahead of time (i.e. you only want hackathon participants who have completed a challenge to claim swag or you want to send swag as part of an onboarding process)


How to get started


They will help you identify the key information you need to collect from your recipients, as well as help you design the redeem page to fit your company's brand.


Tips for creating a successful redeem page:

  • Have your logo on-hand so that our team can use it to personalize your redeem page's header image. Our team will utilize the box image from your pack to let your recipients know that something special is on its way!

  • Consider allowing recipients to specify not only their preferred shirt size, but also their preferred fit if you have apparel with different cuts (e.g. men's vs women's)

  • If you want your swag to ship automatically once a form is filled out, you need to make sure you have swag in inventory (check this in your SwagUp dashboard). If the redeem page link is distributed to users before you have inventory, the information will be collected but a shipment will not be created

What to expect

Step 1) Contact your SwagUp rep to discuss how you would like to use a redeem page. Remember to include any visual assets and branding information you would like to use.


Step 2) We create the custom branded Redeem Page for you and work with you on final edits


Step 3) Once finalized, the redeem page is ready to distribute. Our team will share a custom URL link with you


Step 4) Share the redeem page link with your recipients!


Step 5) Your recipients will fill out the form at a time convenient for them. As they do, you'll notice information is automatically synced to your SwagUp dashboard 🎉


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