I'm a SwagUp Customer but want to use Postal, how do I get set up?

SwagUp clients can use Postal for marketing & sales campaigns.

SwagUp clients looking to use Postal.io can easily do so. You would just need to set up an account with Postal.io. Once an account is completed you will be able to add SwagUp Platform through their marketplace.


Steps on how to set this up below.

  1. Set-up your Postal account visit: postalio.app/sign-up

  2. Locate Marketplace and find Swag Category

  3. Once you click here, you will be prompted to Get Started by SwagUp

  4. Simply login to your SwagUp Account

  5. Once you login you will see your SwagUp inventory to send Postals

For more questions on SwagUp & Postal Integrations email sales@swagup.com



  • Automate marketing/ sales campaigns

  • Enhance campaigns with branded swag

  • Customize campaign experience

  • Elevate your marketing direct mail campaigns with ease

  • Design creation of branded swag

  • Sourcing branded swag products

  • Production and vendor management under one platform

  • Quality Assurance team to check product quality

  • Warehouse + Fulfillment

  • Global shipping options

  • Dashboard to manage fulfillments, product orders, and inventory

  • Manage inventory in one spot

  • Automate and scale marketing/sales campaigns

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