Can I have redeem page links automatically sync to the SwagUp Platform?

Yes! Form submissions are automatically synced to the SwagUp Platform. You do not have to upload entries manually or ship swag yourself.

One benefit of using a Redeem Page is that all new entries will automatically sync with the SwagUp Platform.


New form submissions will also automatically trigger a swag shipment as long as you have items in inventory.


If you do not have swag in inventory, the information will be recorded but a shipment will not be created. There are a couple ways to avoid this:


  • Do not share the redeem page link until you have swag in inventory. Because users can fill the form once the link is shared, if you do not have swag in inventory before sharing the link, this can cause complications.

    On the other hand, if you do not need swag shipped right away and getting information is a greater priority, you can use a redeem page to collect that information quickly. You can bulk upload contacts into your SwagUp Directory and trigger shipments yourself at a later time.

  • Order enough swag. If you are planning to onboard 100 employees within the next six months, and only plan for 50 swag boxes in inventory, you will likely run into complications down the road for matching swag shipments to your onboarding process.

    If you only wish to keep 50 swag boxes in inventory at the moment, you can avoid this situation by limiting responses to 50 swag boxes (or the amount of swag you have in inventory) such that once all swag in inventory has been 'claimed', new form responses cannot be collected.





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