What's the SwagUp Mug Policy?

Ceramic mugs can be tricky - here's what you need to know for swag project success.

SwagUp Mug Policy


Due to the fragile nature of this material, ceramic mugs run a very high risk of damage in transit. As such we always give any ceramic mug extra attention during packing and assembly.


However, even the best laid plans go awry. While we do our best to diligently package mugs with as much protection as possible, they will always be susceptible to breakage. And unfortunately, packages can get damaged in transit. SwagUp is unable to control how packages are handled while in transit.


How to Avoid Complications from Broken Mugs

Due to the increased risks, clients are required to purchase a minimum 5% overage when ordering mugs. Our sales team will automatically add the additional quantity to your order.


Should any mugs be damaged in transit, SwagUp will send replacements using the 5% extra that were ordered, and cover the shipping costs. Should any damages occur above the 5% overage, those mugs will not be replaced and damages will be refunded to your original payment method.


Note: Ordering more than the 5% is always encouraged in case of large numbers of reported breakage.


Any additional mugs ordered can be shipped to one location in bulk at no additional cost once all orders have been fulfilled.


If you have any questions, please contact your SwagUp Account Executive. We'll be happy to help you out, whether that's sourcing durable alternatives or identifying the best path forward to minimize risks in your swag project.

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