How to send swag from your SwagUp dashboard

Once your swag is available as inventory, you can start sending swag out to recipients at domestic and international addresses. Here's how:

The SwagUp Dashboard offers a unified shipping experience for sending out your swag in inventory.

To get started, look for the Send Swag button from one of the following pages in your SwagUp Dashboard: the Dashboard home page; the Shipments tab; the Contacts tab (located within Shipments); the Inventory tab.

Click Send Swag. The next few steps will be the same no matter where you started from in the Dashboard — the shipping process is flexible enough to work for multiple products and recipients, so don't worry if you have more than a couple swag pieces to send out!


Note: If you choose to send swag from the Inventory tab by clicking on Send Swag within a swag product card, that product will already be selected for you when you enter the shipment process. You can de-select that product if you change your mind, or add more products as you like.


Step 1: Select Products

To select all available swag in inventory, check Select All in the upper left hand corner.


You can also use the search bar to find a specific swag product. You can also filter by swag product type (e.g. bulk, pack) or by availability (e.g. in stock, out of stock) in the upper right hand corner.


After you've selected all the swag products you want to work with, click Select Recipients to continue.


Step 2: Select Recipients

Select from your Existing Contacts or add New Contacts with a CSV upload. If you would only like to add one individual contact, you can also fill out the person's info in the fields directly instead of uploading a CSV.


Here is also where you can edit individual shipments on a per-contact basis. To update an individual shipment, move the cursor over that contact's row in the table. You will see Edit Shipment appear on the right hand-side of the row. Click the link to open the recipient's shipment details. From here, you can update the number of swag products they receive, the shipping method used, and the scheduled shipping date.

Keep in mind that if you don't have inventory in the right sizes for a contact, you will run into an error when trying to add them. For example, if you have a contact marked with shirt size S but you only have swag products in sizes M and L, you will see an error reporting inadequate inventory for this contact.


If you would like to send this contact swag anyway, you can override this error by clicking Edit Shipment. Enter a number for the size you would like to send this contact and hit Save.


Step 3: Review your Swag Shipment(s) and complete payment

In this last and final step, you'll be able to see an overview of your swag shipment order to each selected recipient. Your shipping summary will include the total number of recipients and your total cost for shipping. If you have purchased swag credits in advance, you can also use those now for shipping. Otherwise, toggle off Use Available Credits to pay with credit card instead.


When you're ready, hit Send Swag — and that's it, your swag is launched! 🎉


If you get stuck or still have questions, reach out here and we'll be happy to help you get you going 🚀

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