How do I see my order history?

See a history of all your swag projects in the SwagUp Platform from the Orders tab.

From the SwagUp Platform, click on the Orders tab at the top of the page.

To view your order history, click on the Completed tab underneath the Orders heading.


You will see a list of your recently completed orders. At a glance, you can see the order date, who ordered the swag, and the total cost of the order.


If you liked a swag project you did in the past, you can re-order more directly from your order history by clicking on Re-order. You can also just re-order individual items in a swag project.


For a swag project order with more than 3 items, click on Show 3 more items to expand the swag items visible in this view. Next to each individual swag item, you will also see a Re-order item link.


To see the details of your swag project order, click on View details.


This takes you into another view with a full list of the swag products associated with this order. You will be able to see the cost breakdown for the order, as well as access the Download invoice link to save a PDF of the order invoice.

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